History since 1861

The history of Granata Saddlery is a story of craftsmanship handed down from one generation to another which went through three centuries and three family names: Andreotti, Lastrai and Granata.

Founder of this antique tradition was Mr. Mario Andreotti who opened his first workshop in Rome in 1861. In this little studio based in Via di Ripetta, he produced reins and other harnesses for horses and coaches. Soon Mario was supported with the management of the saddlery by his son Vitaliano. Together they began their first partnerships with the military institutions of His Majesty King Vittorio Emanuele II.

At the end of the XIX century, in 1899, born the first son of Mr. Vitaliano: Mario junior, in loving memory of his grandfather who died a couple of months before. The handcraft of leather for civil use went on in the workshop of Via di Ripetta, while the work of saddles and harnesses for military use was moved to the laboratory inside the barrack of Viale delle Milizie, headquarter of the cadet school of the Italian Royal Army.

In 1932 the archeological excavates which brought back to light the ancient Rome temple of Ara Pacis of the IX century B.C., forced all the residents of the area to leave their houses. Among these buildings there was the house and workshop of Via di Ripetta. At the end of World War II a new workshop was activated and in the 1960s a new store was inaugurated in Viale Parioli, entirely managed by Mrs Ester Lastrai, Mario’s wife, while Mr. Andreotti continued following the workshop which was renamed Roman Saddlery.

In 1965 a young Vittorio Granata began to work as apprentice in the saddlery which meanwhile moved to the military barrack of Via Castellini. Soon Mr. Vittorio became a real member of Andreotti’s family, marrying Maria Teresa, the daughter of Mario and Ester. Ten years later, after Mr. Mario passed away, his son in law Vittorio replaced the manager role of the saddlery which eventually changed its name in Granata Saddlery. Such a change in management brought good luck to the family-run firm which in 1990 was awarded with the gold medal as best handcrafted company at the international exhibition of München, Germany.

The beginning of the XXI century marks a real turning point for the production of the Granata Saddlery. Since year 2000 the workshop moved to the current headquarter of Viale di Tor di Quinto, inside the barrack of Carabinieri Salvo D’Acquisto. There, for the first time the handcrafted production increased over the equestrian sector, including also leather goods and furnitures. That is how the four branches of Granata production born: saddlery, leather, design and nautical.

Today the management of the whole firm keeps following its family tradition thanks to the general management of Mr. Vittorio and the supervision of his son Alessandro together with his sister Michela. A new chapter of the history of a craftsmanship tradition which became synonymous of high quality and excellence throughout time. A solid reference in the field of equitation as well as an emerging reality in the branches of leather goods, interior design and luxury design both in Italy and abroad.

Who we are

Granata Saddlery is a family-run traditional saddlery and leather manufacturing based in Rome since 1861. In our laboratory we not only produce saddles and harnesses for horses, but we are also specialised in the production of leather goods and furnitures.

Supported by a team of architects, designers, carpenters and upholsterers we follow any project of interior and exterior design in each and every step: from its planning to its installation, going through its making and its finishing.

Each work represents for us a path to excellence based on our experience, competence, care for details and the use of the best high quality materials. Our products are handcrafted guaranteed, real icons of made in Italy and Italian design.

More than 150 years of specialised activity make Granata Saddlery a synonym of quality and excellency in the field of equitation, as well as an emerging reality in the branches of leather goods and luxury design both in Italy and abroad.


Our saddles are completely handcrafted using first choice leather materials. Each model of our saddles is built following the same centuries-old artisan process. We design and make different models of saddles for any need of riding style: military, English, jumping, endurance, dressage.

Like any of our productions, our saddles are made following the needs and requests of our costumers, in line with the characteristics of the rider and the horse. We are able to find the right solution for any need, even in cases when horses might have prominent withers. Our artisans are available for any personalisation of the products or in case of repair or maintenance intervention.

Concerning the different structures we make, depending on the model, our saddles can use a structure made of wood or carbon, strengthened with steel arches and wool or latex pillows.

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